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Ben Lovejoy is a British technology writer who started his career on PC World and has written for dozens of computer and technology magazines, as well as numerous national newspapers, business and in-flight magazines. He has also written two technothriller novels , a romcom novel, and an SF novella series.

He is old enough to have owned the original Macintosh. He currently owns an M1 Max 16-inch MacBook Pro, a MacBook Air 11, 12.9-inch iPad Pro (LTE 256GB), iPhone 13 Pro Max (256GB), Dell Ultrawide 49-inch monitor, an Apple Watch (Series 4 WiFi) and multiple HomePods – he suspects it might be cheaper to have a cocaine habit than his addiction to all things anodised aluminum.

He thinks wires are evil and had a custom desk made to hide them, known as the OC Desk for obvious reasons.

He’s known for his op-ed and diary pieces, exploring his experience of Apple products over time, for a more rounded review:

He considers 1000 miles a good distance for a cycle ride and Chernobyl a suitable tourist destination. What can we say, he’s that kind of chap.

He speaks fluent English but only broken American, so please forgive any Anglicised spelling in his posts.

If @benlovejoy-ing him on twitter, please follow him first so that he can DM you if appropriate. If you have information you can pass on, you can also email him. If you would like to comment on one of his pieces, please do so in the comments – he does read them all.

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Philips Hue Matter support delayed, but slicker performance promised

Philips Hue Matter support | Living room scene

Late last year, Philips Hue Matter support was said to be coming “by March 2023.” With just a few days left before that deadline, the company has now said that the release date has been put back to an unspecified time.

It’s the latest delay to hit the industry-wide Matter standard, which was itself pushed back from a planned 2020 launch to late 2022 …

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Apple Store workers illegally fired for union activities, claims NLRB filing

Apple Store workers illegally fired | Kansas City store

A union has alleged that five Apple Store workers were illegally fired, in retaliation for their union-related activities. Formal charges have been filed with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) – which are in addition to those already filed against Apple for other forms of union-busting.

The Communications Workers of America says that while the official reasons for the firing were attendance-related, this was simply a pretext. In one example, a union activist was subjected to disciplinary proceedings for being an average of one minute late on three occasions …

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Apple Music Classical video tour; how to listen on Mac or iPad; missing countries

Apple Music Classical video | Highlight of Browse by instrument

A new Apple Music Classical video tour provides a quick overview of the app, highlighting the powerful search features, hidden gems by popular composers, the ability to browse by instrument, and more.

Apple has also explained a workaround for the fact that the app is only available on iOS, explaining how to listen to your selections in the main Apple Music app …

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Apple Car LiDAR system could be made by iPhone supplier

Apple Car LiDAR report | Concept image

The Apple Car LiDAR system could be made by the same company which makes the laser scanning system used in some iPhone models to help mimic shallow depth of field in Portrait photos and Cinematic Video footage.

While self-driving cars can use a variety of different technologies to make sense of the world around them, it’s believed that Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) will be the primary one used by Apple …

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iPhone 15 display problems lead Apple to drop BOE for now

iPhone 15 display | Exclusive renders

Chinese manufacturer BOE has reportedly been unable to fix the issues it had in making the iPhone 15 display, with Apple pulling orders from the company for now.

The problem concerns the Dynamic Island cutout for the front camera and Face ID tech, and is a setback to Apple’s plan to reduce its dependence on Samsung

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New Foxconn plant in India may be half the size of China’s iPhone City

New Foxconn plant | Illustrative shot of large facility

A new Foxconn plant in India looks set to be about half the size of the massive iPhone assembly facility in Zhengzhou, China – colloquially known as iPhone City.

Foxconn’s Zhengzhou plant employs around 200,000 people, and the new Indian facility is said to be creating around 100,000 jobs. It may also represent a key step in Apple building out an extended supply chain in India …

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Apple Women’s Health Study shows promise in predicting serious conditions

Apple Women’s Health Study | Abstract image

Preliminary findings from the Apple Women’s Health Study show that menstrual cycle tracking on iPhone and Apple Watch has the potential to detect risk factors for serious health conditions.

The team behind the study said that this is an under-researched area, and the data from 50,000 study participants is advancing the science in this field …

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Apple Headset Continuity and Handoff features sound really slick

Apple Headset Continuity feature | Reality Pro render

Apple has applied for a patent for an Apple Headset Continuity feature, so that a user could (for example) create a document on a Mac, and then use a really slick user interface to transfer it to a headset like the anticipated Reality Pro.

It also describes an equally slick way to handle audio Handoff using nothing more than glances and a gesture …

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Apple doubles investment in its European Silicon Design Center

European Silicon Design Centre interior view

Apple today announced a major expansion to its European Silicon Design Center, which will see the company creating a custom-designed state-of-the-art R&D center in Germany.

The iPhone maker previously announced plans for a €1B ($1.06B) European Center for Chip Design in Munich, and says that it will be doubling its investment in the latest expansion plans …

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As we await Apple Headset launch, Meta’s 4-year AR/VR plan leaks

While we await Apple Headset launch | Pair of smart glasses

The first Apple Headset launch is expected to happen later this year, following an initial unveiling at WWDC in June. While we wait, a leak has given a glimpse into the AR/VR plans of one of Apple’s rivals in this field, Facebook owner Meta.

These plans include multiple headset models, smart glasses with a “neural interface,” and a smartwatch that can be paired with glasses …

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Apple modem expected in iPhone 16, says Qualcomm CEO

Apple modem expected | Illustrative chip image

As Apple continues its transition to its own silicon, we’re expecting an Apple modem chip to replace Qualcomm ones in future iPhones – and it appears that might be happening with the iPhone 16.

Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon indicated that Apple hasn’t discussed 2024 modem orders with the company, suggesting that this is likely the year the Cupertino company makes the switch …

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Apple patent granted for embedded Face ID expected in iPhone 16 Pro [U]

Embedded Face ID in iPhone 16 Pro

Update: Coincidentally, Apple was granted a patent for this technology on the same day as the latest supply-chain report – see below.

The iPhone X introduced the notch, the iPhone 14 Pro the Dynamic Island – and the iPhone 16 Pro is expected to offer the next logical step: embedded Face ID components beneath the display itself.

However, the latest report says that we shouldn’t expect Apple to follow Samsung’s under-display camera approach before 2026…

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