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Learn about the latest news for iOS, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV apps

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Apps for iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS power our modern world. 9to5Mac will update you on the latest news, review, and updates for all types of apps. “There’s an App for that”.

The term came became part of our vocabulary when Steve Jobs announced The App Store as part of the iPhone 2.0 software update in 2008.

Over the years, the term has become as common as kleenex for describing applications on all of our devices. Apple’s platforms have apps for just about anything from finance, banking, sports, social media, podcasting, music, and more. We have a guide for helping you discover the best ones as well. Apps are now on everything from our TV, to our smartphones, on our laptops, and all the way down to our wrists.

As new ones are released or existing ones have major updates, the team here at 9to5Mac will bring you the latest news and reviews. If you want to follow along with video footage, be sure to follow 9to5Mac on YouTube. Scroll down below our latest updates on all things relating to applications on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch.

How Coldplay worked with fans to make ‘Music of the Spheres’ world tour app more accessible

As it continues its massively-successful Music of the Spheres World Tour across South America, Europe, and the United States, Coldplay has updated its companion tour app with major accessibility improvements. The band, together with its partners at SAP, worked closely with a fan from Mexico who shared her experiences using the app as a blind person.

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FTC proposes new ‘Click to Cancel’ requirements for managing subscriptions

Cancel subscriptions on iPhone

The Federal Trade Commission in the United States has proposed a handful of changes that it says will make it easier for consumers to cancel recurring subscriptions and memberships. The FTC believes that its “Click to Cancel” provisions “would go a long way to rescuing consumers from seemingly never-ending struggles to cancel unwanted subscription payment plans.”

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FoodNoms nutrition tracker for iPhone revamped with new design, Apple Health syncing, more

FoodNoms, a nutrition tracking app we’ve covered a few times here at 9to5Mac, is getting a big update. FoodNoms 2 is rolling out today with a number of new features, including a new design, robust syncing with the Apple Health app, and much more. “FoodNoms 2 is the biggest update to FoodNoms yet,” developer Ryan Ashcraft says.

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Got a new iPhone? Here’s a suggested way to organize your iPhone apps

Organize your iPhone apps | iPhone on a plane

There are probably almost as many ways to organize your iPhone apps as there are iPhone users, and most of us have probably experimented with a bunch of them. But more than eight years later, I’m still using a method I first tried back in 2013 (that screen size! those icons!).

Instead of organizing my apps by what they do, I organize them by where I am when I use them ….

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Apple pushes Dark Sky holdouts to switch to Apple Weather, but some users aren’t happy

Apple Weather app

As we covered in-depth yesterday, the Dark Sky weather app that Apple acquired in 2020 is set to officially shut down in less than two weeks. While there are a number of popular alternatives out there, Apple has published a new support document detailing why it thinks Dark Sky users should make the jump to the stock Weather app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

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Uber and Uber Eats now rolling out Live Activities for the Lock Screen and iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island

über eats live activities sad

Support for Live Activities in iOS 16 has been slowly expanding since the feature was launched as part of iOS 16.1. Now, Uber is starting to roll out Live Activities support for Uber and Uber Eats. This allows users to easily track their rides and orders via the Lock Screen or the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island.

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Flighty update brings live flight tracking data to your iPhone, even when you’re in Airplane Mode


The flight tracking app Flighty has been one of the top implementations yet of Apple’s new Live Activities feature in iOS 16 and the iPhone 14 Pro. A new update rolling out this week, just in time for holiday travel, adds a clever new trick for updating your flight progress with real data even when you’re in the air.

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