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T-Mobile outage

T-Mobile is the 3rd largest U.S. wireless carrier behind Verizon and AT&T. Owned by German parent company, Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile has been using its “Uncarrier” marketing campaign to grow its market share since 2013.

With what seems like a good amount of success over the past few years, T-Mobile continues to announce new initiatives like discounted plans for seniors, Netflix included with service, and pushing competitors to bring back unlimited data plans.

As of April 29, 2018, T-Mobile has joined forces with Sprint and will now be re-branded to simply T-Mobile, with the Sprint brand completely going away.

T-Mobile hits 3.3Gbps network speeds with Standalone 5G as iOS 16.4 beta adds SA support

T-Mobile 3.3Gbps 5G speeds

T-Mobile has announced its latest advancement with 5G Standalone at MWC today. Previously, the Uncarrier has touted speeds up to 3Gbps by merging three channels of 5G. Now it’s boosted that to 3.3Gbps. The news comes as Apple has delivered official support for 5G SA in the US with the iOS 16.4 beta. Additionally, T-Mobile has shared voice over 5G is rolling out to new cities in the US.

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3Gbps iPhone speeds could be coming soon as iOS 16.4 brings 5G Standalone support

iPhone 5G Standalone

Among the new features and changes with the first developer beta of iOS 16.4, a new toggle has arrived in the Cellular settings for iPhone. The new option brings support for the 5G Standalone (SA) service offered by T-Mobile. Notably, 5G SA can deliver wildly fast speeds up to 3Gbps and it looks like iPhone could be the next device to take advantage of the tech.

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Best phone carriers: Verizon vs T-Mobile vs AT&T – is it worth making a switch?

best phone carriers

Want to check out your options for phone carriers? Market competition is strong which means compelling offers for those who switch. Read along for a look at the best phone carriers in the US. We’ll cover Verizon vs T-Mobile vs AT&T as well as some of the best affordable iPhone plans from smaller carriers. This guide will also detail how to find real-world coverage maps, how to test a carrier for free instantly with eSIM, the latest performance results from independent studies, and more.

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T-Mobile admits to another security breach impacting 37 million accounts

T-Mobile Apple Ultimate plus Business Essentials

T-Mobile is informing customers of a data breach that saw a “bad actor” obtain “limited types of information” from user accounts. T-Mobile says that it shut down this bad actor’s access to the data within 24 hours, and that system fallbacks in place “prevented the most sensitive types of customer information from being accessed.”

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T-Mobile 5G Home Internet scores high for customer sat (and no one loves their legacy ISP)

T-Mobile  Home Internet

T-Mobile is out with a report today on “The State of Fixed Wireless Access.” Using its own data and research from a number of independent third parties, the Uncarrier says it’s leading the rollout of 5G Home Internet by a wide margin over Verizon, offers one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings across all broadband providers, shares why customers are switching, and more.

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Best 5G business internet: T-Mobile vs Verizon vs AT&T on price, speed, incentives, more

Best 5G business internet

5G business internet competition in the US is ramping up and providers like T-Mobile and Verizon are offering some big incentives to attract customers. AT&T is in the game too but with a poor offering. Follow along for speed, pricing, and fine details for each provider in our comparison of the best 5G business internet options.

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Free eSIM trials now available for all major US carrier networks, here’s how to try them on iPhone

carrier eSIM trials on iPhone

Making the jump to a new carrier can often sound appealing, whether it’s the incentives, the hopes of better coverage, pricing, or all of the above. However, the reality is that switching can be a commitment (even without contracts) and it’s no fun to make the move only to realize you’ve made a mistake. Fortunately, now it’s possible to do free and instant carrier eSIM trials on iPhone on all the major US networks.

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T-Mobile keeps lead for mobile performance; Spectrum wins fastest broadband in Ookla report

T-Mobile 3.3Gbps speed 5G SA

Ookla has released its fall report for US mobile and fixed broadband Internet speeds. Continuing its lead in mobile performance, T-Mobile had download speeds almost 2x faster than AT&T and Verizon, plus the strongest consistency and 5G availability. For fixed broadband, Spectrum beat out COX and XFINITY for the fastest download speeds.

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Here’s how 5G C-band deployment has changed Verizon and AT&T performance

5G C-band difference performance

After deploying a round of C-band 5G coverage at the beginning of the year, AT&T and Verizon have continued those efforts across 2022 as they look to catch up with T-Mobile. Now a new report from Opensignal shows how much of a difference the new mid-band 5G coverage has made for real-world performance and where the carriers stand.

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Best iPhone carriers for business: Verizon vs T-Mobile vs AT&T on performance, price, incentives

Best iPhone carriers for business

Want to explore wireless carrier options for your business? With market competition strong there are some compelling offers if you’re ready to make a switch. We’ll cover Verizon vs T-Mobile vs AT&T when it comes to business plans. This guide will also detail how to find real-world coverage maps, how to test a new carrier for free, instantly with eSIM, the T-Mobile dedicated business plan for iPhone that includes AppleCare+ and IT support. Let’s dig into the best iPhone carriers for business.

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T-Mobile giving away 3 months of unlimited data in iPhone 14 switcher campaign

T-Mobile is ramping up its efforts to attract switchers ahead of a busy fall season with the iPhone 14 launch. The company is launching a new Network Pass feature to give users a 3-month free trial of the T-Mobile network with unlimited data. There are also new features for the T-Mobile app that let you switch without visiting a T-Mobile store.

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T-Mobile vs AT&T: Which carrier is the best pick for iPhone 14 buyers?

Carriers respond to Hurricane Ian with free access for non-customers, unlimited data, and more

Thinking about switching carriers ahead of upgrading to iPhone 14? With competition strong, the major US carriers are offering compelling incentives for new customers. Below we’ll focus on T-Mobile vs AT&T including how they compare with speed, how to find real-world coverage maps, test T-Mobile for free instantly with an iPhone eSIM, and more.

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