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Apple Store workers illegally fired for union activities, claims NLRB filing

Apple Store workers illegally fired | Kansas City store

A union has alleged that five Apple Store workers were illegally fired, in retaliation for their union-related activities. Formal charges have been filed with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) – which are in addition to those already filed against Apple for other forms of union-busting.

The Communications Workers of America says that while the official reasons for the firing were attendance-related, this was simply a pretext. In one example, a union activist was subjected to disciplinary proceedings for being an average of one minute late on three occasions …

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Apple recognizes union of UK Apple Store workers, agrees to negotiate pay and conditions

Apple recognizes union | Glasgow Apple Store

A “historic” agreement has seen Apple recognize a union of UK Apple Store workers, some three months after staff voted in favor of unionizing. It happened just one day after the company appointed its first ever Chief People Officer.

Apple has signed a collective bargaining agreement which will see the company negotiate with the union over pay, shift patterns, and other working conditions …

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Apple accused of using a ‘pseudo-union’ to squash unionization at Ohio store

Tension between Apple Store employees and the company has continued to grow throughout 2022 with formal complaints being filed that illegal union-busting tactics have been used. The latest allegation sees union group CWA file a complaint with the US National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) claiming that Apple created a pseudo-union led by “bosses” to stop employees from forming a union led by employees.

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Apple Store staff unionize in west London store with ‘unprecedented’ redesign

Apple Store staff unionize | White City store in London

Apple Store staff working in a newly designed store in a London shopping mall have unionized. They say they are seeking a pay raise, pay transparency, improvements to shift work, and less focus on metrics when assessing their work.

Apple Store aficionado Michael Steeber has described the new store design as “unprecedented” …

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Apple anti-union tactics used in Atlanta were illegal, says US labor board prosecutor

Apple anti-union | Group of protestors outside a store

The National Labor Relations Board’s Atlanta regional director has concluded that Apple anti-union tactics deployed in the Atlanta store broke the law. The company’s actions led to a planned unionization bid being abandoned after what was described as “intense union-busting” by Apple.

The next stage in the National Labor Relations Board investigation will be for a panel of NLRB judges to rule on the matter …

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St. Louis Apple Store employees explain U-turn on unionization effort

St. Louis

Apple employees at the St. Louis Galleria store were the latest to move toward unionization last month. However, one week after submitting interest to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), the group abandoned the plan. An initial announcement from the IAM cited “increased hostility” from Apple as the reason for the U-turn, however, now the Apple employees themselves have spoken up about why the majority changed their minds.

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Union busting lawsuit planned, as battle between Apple and its store staff intensifies

Union busting lawsuit | Apple Store staff

Apple faces the prospect of a union busting lawsuit, over alleged illegal activities designed to persuade Apple retail staff to abandon plans to unionize. It follows two formal complaints about the company breaking the law in the US.

Union organizers are collecting information on anti-union moves in order to prepare a case. It comes shortly after staff at the St Louis Apple Store suspended unionization plans in the face of what was described as “increased hostility” toward workers …

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St. Louis Apple Store abandons plans to unionize due to alleged ‘increased hostility’

St. Louis

Last week we heard the latest Apple Store moving toward unionization was in St. Louis. With what seemed like strong enthusiasm from employees and the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) as the representation, an official filing to start the bid to unionize was made with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Just seven days later, the Apple Store employees have made a U-turn and dropped the effort, at least for now.

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Apple unionization movement taking place amid low membership but high public support

Apple unionization | Apple Store Brompton Road, London

The Apple unionization movement is taking place at a time when union membership is at an all-time low, but public support for unions is at the highest point seen since 1965.

While Apple is fighting hard against Apple Store staff forming and joining unions, a large-scale survey earlier this year suggests that embracing unions could help staff retention …

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Apple Store in Oklahoma votes to unionize, second location in the US to do so

Apple Store in Oklahoma votes to unionize

A second Apple Store in the United States has officially voted to unionize. A majority of workers at the Apple Store in Oklahoma City voted in favor of unionizing on Friday and will join the Communications Workers of America union.

This comes on the heels of Apple rolling out new benefits to retail and corporate workers earlier this week, but those benefits will be withheld from stores where employees have unionized.

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Apple ups education and healthcare benefits, but not for unionized employees; Australia workers set to strike

Apple Union

There’s a growing number of Apple Store workers around the world pushing to unionize, and one store in Maryland has already made the jump. Now, a group of Apple retail workers in Australia has voted to strike next week as they battle with Apple to get the company to agree to a deal and endorse their unionization.

In a similar vein, a new report from Bloomberg today says that Apple will “withhold its latest employee perks” from the unionized retail store in Maryland.

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Apple Store unionization movement continues in Oklahoma City; prepared for union-busting tactics

Apple Store unionization | Penn Square Apple Store, Oklahoma City

The Apple Store unionization movement is showing no signs of slowing, with the Penn Square store in Oklahoma City the latest to seek to join a union.

Around 70% of staff have applied to join the Communications Workers of America union, and they say they are prepared for any union-busting tactics Apple may deploy …

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Apple union-busting was ‘traumatic,’ say workers – even included immigration assistance threat

Apple union busting | People in meeting

Apple union-busting techniques have been described as “traumatic” by employees in the first Apple Store to unionize, Towson, Maryland.

They accuse Apple of failing to live up to its own human rights policy, and say that various threats were made to workers intending to join the union – including one who was told that the immigration assistance offered by the company could be withdrawn …

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Grand Central Apple Store union efforts receive backing from Communications Workers of America

The Communications Workers of America (CWA) is now supporting union organizing efforts at Apple’s Grand Central Station Store in New York City. Together with Fruit Stand Workers United (FSWU), the CWA and Workers United will help the flagship store in its ongoing work to form a union. In a press release, it was stated that Workers United is also the union behind the Starbucks Workers United campaign.

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Apple Store union movement reaches the UK; Glasgow store first, ‘many other stores’ interested

Apple Store union | Glasgow store at dusk

The Apple Store union movement has now crossed the Atlantic, as staff at an Apple Store in Glasgow, Scotland, have joined a union representing retail and other workers across the UK.

The union says that there is a huge disconnect between Apple’s claimed values and its treatment of retail staff …

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AppleTogether: Atlanta store didn’t cancel unionization bid; it postponed it due to union-busting

AppleTogether | Cumberland Mall Atlanta Apple Store

AppleTogether, a solidarity group that grew out of the #AppleToo campaign, has taken issue with Bloomberg’s characterization of what happened at the Cumberland Mall store in Atlanta.

The news organization variously said that Apple Store staff in Atlanta had “withdrawn” or “canceled” its bid to unionize …

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