Exclusive: New ‘Beats Studio Buds+’ headphones coming, unreleased AirPods referenced [U]

exclusive: New 'Beats Studio Buds+' headphones coming, possibly using same chip as AirPods

Update: According to our sources, despite supporting features like Hey Siri, the new Beats Studio Buds+ will still use a custom Beats chip instead of Apple’s H1/H2. Original story below.

iOS 16.4 is coming soon with a bunch of new features, including new emoji, web app notifications, and more. But under the hood, today’s RC update adds support for an unreleased Beats Studio Buds+, as discovered by 9to5Mac. Read on as we detail what to expect from these new wireless earbuds from Beats.

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Exclusive: Apple testing new Siri natural language generating features starting with latest tvOS update


Apple is testing new natural language generation features for Siri, 9to5Mac has learned. Codenamed “Bobcat,” this new technology is being tested starting with the latest tvOS 16.4 beta and will eventually make its way to the rest of Apple’s operating systems. Still, Apple is currently focused on using this technology to improve Siri.

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Exclusive: New 13- and 15-inch MacBook Air models will both use M3 chips; refreshed MacBook Pro is also in the works

exclusive: New 13- and 15-inch MacBook Air models will both use M3 chips, refreshed MacBook Pro also in the works

We’ve been hearing rumors about a new MacBook Air for a while, but some details about it remain unclear. 9to5Mac has now heard from independent sources that Apple is indeed working on a new generation MacBook Air in two different sizes: 13-inch and 15-inch.

More than that, the company also plans to introduce an updated 13-inch MacBook Pro. What will these laptops have in common? They will be powered by the M3 chip.

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Exclusive: iPhone 15 Pro to have new unified volume buttons with new ‘pressing type’ mute button

iPhone 15 Pro to have new unified volume buttons with new 'pressing type' mute button

9to5Mac last month revealed a first look at the design of the entire iPhone 15 lineup based on CAD files used to build the phones and also compatible accessories. But one thing that remained unclear was the layout of the volume buttons, which reportedly will be capacitive rather than physical. 9to5Mac has heard from a source that iPhone 15 Pro will have new unified volume buttons, plus a “pressing type” mute button.

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Apple Pay coming to South Korea with iOS 16.4 after getting approval from local regulator

Apple Pay launching in South Korea with iOS 16.3

Apple Pay was expected to be launched in South Korea in November last year. However, the launch was delayed due to demands from the local regulator Financial Supervisory Service Commission (FSS). Although the situation about Apple Pay in South Korea has since remained unclear, 9to5Mac has learned that the platform will arrive in the country with the release of iOS 16.4.

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Exclusive: iPhone 15 CADs reveal larger 6.2-inch display, Dynamic Island, and more

Apple’s iPhone 15 is still months away from being announced, but we have some exciting news to share with you today. Just a week after we posted exclusive renders of the iPhone 15 Pro based off CAD files, we managed to obtain 3D CAD files for the iPhone 15, which reveal some of the design changes and features that Apple is planning for its next-generation smartphone. Ian Zelbo, Renderer Extraordinaire, managed to turn these CADs into the beautiful images you see below.

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Exclusive: iOS 16.4 code references new ‘compute module’ device — Mac Pro, Reality Pro, or something else?

We’re still waiting on the Mac Pro, but two things are a must if it’s going to live up to the high expectations set by its predecessors: (1) It must be the most powerful Mac, and (2) it must be the most customizable Mac. 9to5mac has found a new “ComputeModule” device class in Apple’s iOS 16.4 developer disk image in the Xcode 16.4 beta release last week, and it could be the missing piece to Apple’s modular Mac Pro plans… or it could be a processor box for the Apple Reality Pro headset, or perhaps even a Raspberry Pi-like device. Let’s take a closer look.

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Exclusive: A behind-the-scenes look at every Apple Anniversary Award and how they’re crafted

Earlier this week, a video from DongleBookPro popped up on YouTube showcasing the special “Anniversary Awards” that Apple gifts to employees. The awards are handed out at 10-year, 20-year, 30-year, and 40-year milestones.

The video offered a look at the 10-year version of the award. Now, 9to5Mac has gotten its hands on images, which show all of the designs, production details, and more. “Time flies when you’re changing the world,” Apple says.

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Exclusive: This is iPhone 15 Pro: Thinner bezels, thicker ‘curve’ design, no Lightning port, more

iPhone 15 Pro to have new unified volume buttons with new 'pressing type' mute button

We have obtained exclusive renders of the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro, based on a CAD model provided to 9to5Mac by a reliable case manufacturer and 3D Artist Respective Render Man Ian Zelbo. The renders show some significant changes to the design and features of Apple’s flagship smartphone, which is expected to launch later this year.

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Exclusive: iPhone reverse wireless charging development continues after Apple missed target

iphone reverse wireless charging

Apple is continuing its work on full reverse wireless charging support for the iPhone, despite engineering delays. 9to5Mac has heard from sources familiar with the matter that Apple had hoped to debut the feature with the iPhone 14 Pro lineup, but failed to meet that deadline.

Nonetheless, our sources indicate that Apple engineers are pressing ahead with the development of bilateral wireless charging alongside software optimizations for it.

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Apple’s mixed reality ambitions may include both xrOS and realityOS for future products

Apple could be planning two different operating systems for its headset ecosystem: xrOS and realityOS

Apple is expected to introduce its mixed reality headset in 2023, and we’ve heard plenty of rumors about it. That includes the name of the platform that powers the device being named “realityOS.” However, recent reports have suggested that the platform may actually be called “xrOS” instead. It turns out, both names co-exist internally.

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iOS 16.2 to introduce ‘Custom Accessibility Mode’ with streamlined experience for iPhone and iPad

iOS 16.2 'Custom Accessibility Mode' with streamlined experience for iPhone and iPad

Apple on Tuesday released iOS 16.2 beta 2 to developers as the company gets ready to make the update available to the public in December. Officially, it adds the new Freeform collaboration app and improvements to the Home app. Under the hood, 9to5Mac found out that Apple has been working on a new “Custom Accessibility Mode” that will provide a “streamlined” experience for iPhone and iPad.

Post updated with more screenshots showing the new interface.

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Source: iPhone 14 Pro display cutout to show camera plus microphone privacy indicators; redesigned Camera app also coming

iPhone 14 cutout

The big Apple news of the day is that the iPhone 14 Pro will apparently use software to make the two new display cutouts look like one seamless cutout.

Why is Apple making this change? A source with knowledge of Apple’s plans tells 9to5Mac that the space between the two cutouts will be used to show privacy indicators for the microphone and camera. The change will also help with a redesign for the Camera app itself.

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Exclusive: M2 MacBook Air internals revealed in hands-on photos of redesigned notebook

M2 MacBook Air Internals

The new M2 MacBook Air is coming later this week. But with no reviews published yet, we really haven’t seen all that much outside (or inside!) of the original WWDC hands on.

While it’s not what most would be expecting, thanks to one of our sources, we were able to get some images of the internals of the new M2 MacBook Air.

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Exclusive: New entry-level iPad to pack A14 chip, 5G, and USB-C connectivity

Earlier this year, 9to5Mac exclusively reported that Apple was working on a new generation iPad Air to have the M1 chip and 5G support – and it turned out that the report was right. Now we’ve learned from our sources that the company has plans to update the entry-level iPad with the A14 Bionic chip, 5G, and for the first time, USB-C connectivity.

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Cellebrite iPhone cracking: Here’s which models the kit can unlock and access, and how to protect your data

Company graphic promoting the kit | Cellebrite iPhone cracking

Cellebrite iPhone cracking kit allows the company’s clients to access virtually all of the private data stored on a phone – in some cases, even if the phone is locked.

But the exact capabilities depend on both the model of the iPhone and the version of iOS it is running. We managed to get access to the user documentation for a recent version of the kit to see what it can do …

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Exclusive: iOS 16 notification updates will include expanded Focus mode configurations for more control

We’re two months away from Apple announcing iOS 16, but there are already some rumors about the update floating around the web. Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman this week reported that iOS 16 will bring updates to the notification system, and code found in Apple’s latest beta software corroborates just that – among some other things.

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Exclusive: iPhone 14 coming in four models without ‘mini’ version, Pro models with taller screen, satellite features advancing

iPhone 14

Apple has just released new iPhone 13 models, but the company has already been working on iPhone 14. While 9to5Mac sources corroborated a report about the new models having different chips, we also learned that the iPhone 14 Pro models may have a taller screen due to the new design and that Apple has still been working on satellite features.

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Exclusive: Apple currently has no plans to release a new, larger-screen iMac

With the introduction of the new Mac Studio and Studio Display, Apple quietly discontinued the 27-inch iMac – which was still sold with an Intel processor. While the company told the press that the 27-inch iMac is gone for good, rumors were suggesting that Apple has a new “iMac Pro” in the works, but this may no longer be the case.

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