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Apple Watch Ultra

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Apple to lean on LG for production of its first Apple Watch micro-LED display

Apple Watch Ultra

Evidence continues to mount that the Apple Watch will switch to the latest-generation display technology starting in 2025. According to reliable analyst Ross Young, LG has started building a small production line for micro-LED displays ahead of Apple’s transition away from OLED. This also plays into Apple’s plans to start making its own displays for Apple Watch and iPhone in-house…

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Jeff Pu: Apple Watch Ultra to get larger display with Micro LED technology in 2024

60-hour battery Apple Watch

Apple released the first Apple Watch Ultra a few months ago, and even though the product is focused on users who do extreme sports, many customers have been opting for it due to its larger screen and better battery life. According to Haitong Intl Tech Research analyst Jeff Pu, Apple has plans to bring Micro LED technology to the Apple Watch Ultra with an even larger display in the future.

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Apple Watch Ultra wayfinder face

Apple Watch Ultra gains battery improvement with Low Power mode and multisport workouts [U]

watchOS 9.2 brings a number of improvements but an interesting update that Apple left off of the release notes is an improvement in Apple Watch Ultra battery life.

Update 12/14: We’ve learned that this updated battery performance for Apple Watch Ultra is a new claim and not dependent on watchOS 9.2. The detail has been added to Apple’s support document stating “Up to 17 hours outdoor multisport workout with GPS and LTE in Low Power Mode.”

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Apple Watch Ultra vs Series 8 vs SE: What’s the best pick?

Apple Watch Ultra vs Series 8, SE

There’s more variety than ever before with the 2022 Apple Watch lineup thanks to the new Ultra model and updated SE. That means there’s a lot to consider between the latest wearables and also their predecessors. Read on for a detailed look at Apple Watch Ultra vs Series 8 vs SE, and more to figure out what’s the best pick for you or someone you’re shopping for.

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Apple Watch Ultra’s sapphire crystal compared to other smartwatches in durability test

Apple Watch Ultra's sapphire crystal compared to other smartwatches in durability test

Just like the stainless steel models of the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Ultra features sapphire crystal to cover the display. Since sapphire is one of the most hardest minerals known, it is extremely difficult to scratch – which makes it perfect for premium watches. This time, JerryRigEverything put the sapphire crystal of the Apple Watch Ultra under test to compare it with other smartwatches that also have a sapphire cover.

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Apple Frames 3.0 launches with iPhone 14 Pro and Apple Watch Ultra support, multiple resolutions, more

The fantastic Apple Frames Shortcut created by MacStories’ Federico Viticci has been upgraded today with a major new version. The latest iteration was completely rewritten for improved performance and reliability. And it comes with support for iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, Apple Watch Ultra, and M2 MacBook Air, multiple display resolution options, and more.

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Apple Watch Ultra with polished titanium finish? This jeweler is offering it for everyone

Polished Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra comes with the largest case and display in the history of the company’s wearables with a range of new features. However, it’s only available in a matte titanium finish. Now an Arizona jeweler is specializing in polishing the titanium case and buttons for a slick aesthetic. Read on for a closer look at the polished Apple Watch Ultra that’s available to anyone, for a price.

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How Crash Detection works: Apple execs explain amid rollercoaster activations

How Crash Detection works | Rescue exercise at night

Apple has explained more about how Crash Detection works, amid reports of the feature being triggered on rollercoaster rides. Two senior executives have said that reliably detecting a car crash is complicated.

The company says that it uses a wide variety of clues, including things as unlikely-seeming as Wi-Fi signals …

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Roller coasters are triggering iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Crash Detection, here’s a workaround

roller coaster iPhone crash detection fix

Crash Detection is a valuable new safety feature that’s arrived with the iPhone 14 lineup and the new Apple Watch Ultra, Series 8, and SE 2. But even though Apple uses all-new hardware, an advanced algorithm, and over a million hours of crash data, false positives are still possible. As it turns out, roller coasters have been causing a number of erroneous automatic 911 calls by tricking Apple’s Crash Detection. Here’s what’s happening and a workaround until there’s an update.

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Some Apple Watch Ultra users notice ‘jelly scrolling,’ here’s why it’s happening

Apple Watch Ultra jelly scrolling

The Apple Watch Ultra features the largest display yet on an Apple Watch, but it uses the same display technology as on previous models. Now that the Apple Watch Ultra has been available for a few days, some users are noticing a so-called “jelly scrolling” effect on the display. Here’s why this is not actually surprising.

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