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Apple Fitness+

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Apple Fitness+

At the end of 2020, Apple announced its first fitness service powered by the Apple Watch called, “Apple Fitness+“. Released on December 14, 2020, the service brings studio-style workouts to your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Fitness+ uses metrics tracked from Apple Watch to bring a personalized and immersive experience to users.

Apple Fitness+ Features

There are over 11 workout types including HIIT, Yoga, Cycling, Treadmill, and guided meditations. When you wear your Apple Watch, you’ll see real-time metrics like your heart rate on the screen. Up to 30 new workouts are released each week, ranging from five to 45 minutes.


A subscription is $9.99 monthly or $79.99 yearly. The pricing is for the entire family (with Family Sharing). It can also be bundled in an Apple One subscription.

Apple Fitness+ adds kickboxing workouts and sleep meditation sessions, announces new season of Time to Walk guests

Apple today announced an expansion to the content offering of its video workout service Apple Fitness+. Beginning from Monday, Fitness+ adds kickboxing as a new workout type.

Kickboxing workouts will be led by Fitness+ trainers Jamie-Ray Hartshorne and new team member Nez Dally. Apple announced a new season of Time to Walk guests, and a new category of meditation sessions – sleep.

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Apple Fitness+ expands to non-Apple Watch users on Monday, now free through UnitedHealthcare, Target, more

Apple Fitness+ update

Apple Fitness+ is set for a big update. Starting with iOS 16.1 on October 24, users in the 21 countries the service is available will be able to use it without an Apple Watch. Along with that, SilverSneakers, Target, UnitedHealthcare, and Mobile Health will be offering Fitness+ at no cost, and all-new content including an Artist Spotlight series featuring Taylor Swift is on the way.

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AirPods safety feature could switch off your music, explains patent; smart exercise mat

AirPods safety | Man wearing AirPods at busy intersection

Apple has today been granted a patent for an AirPods safety feature which could detect when a wearer is at risk. AirPods could respond by pausing or lowering the volume of your music, to enable to you concentrate on the potential danger.

The patent also describes a possible smart workout mat, which would detect how safely or effectively you are exercising …

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Five workouts to enjoy International Day of Yoga on Apple Fitness+

International Day of Yoga featuring ABBA

Today is the International Day of Yoga. Last week, Apple announced an Activity Challenge for Apple Watch users to take advantage of this celebration by completing a 20-minute yoga workout, getting a badge, and having fun stickers to use on iMessage. If you don’t know where to start, there are some 20-minute yoga workouts that you can take advantage of.

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Opinion: Apple should poach Peloton’s talent for Fitness+ without the bike business baggage

On Thursday, CNBC reported that fitness unicorn Peloton was in dire straits. The company saw its value plummet on the news that they were “temporarily halting production of its connected fitness products as consumer demand wanes.” As the pandemic starts to move to the back of many minds, there’s been a significant drop in the number of people looking to buy expensive home workout equipment. Because of this, the idea of Apple purchasing Peloton has come back up. It has lingered for awhile, but now the idea is gaining more traction in the press. I think everyone needs to cool their jets.

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Take Time to Walk with Prince William on December 6, free for all

Apple has announced an upcoming Apple Fitness+ Time to Walk with Prince William. In addition to Apple Fitness+ subscribers, it will also be made available to everyone as a free airing on Apple Music 1.

The company says that the walk will be 38 minutes, with a choice of listening times to suit different time zones, and will have a mental health focus …

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