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Review: Moshi iVisor tames glossy iPad + MacBook with outdoor-friendly matte screen protectors

Years ago, Apple offered the MacBook Pro with an anti-glare display, but save for the nano-texture Pro Display XDR, matte screens are nowhere to be found in Apple’s lineup today. Moshi aims to fill that gap with its iVisior lineup of matte screen protectors, which I’ve been using on both my MacBook Pro and iPad Pro for the last several weeks.

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This adapter turns standard CarPlay into wireless, actually works

wireless carplay through adapter

Do Wireless CarPlay adapters actually work? I bought two cars a few years ago. The Honda Civic came with wired Apple CarPlay. The Honda HR-V had a basic entertainment system that I upgraded with an Alpine unit with Wireless CarPlay. I really wanted Wireless CarPlay in the Civic, but replacing its entertainment system was too disruptive. Now there’s a solution for turning standard CarPlay into Wireless CarPlay

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Review: How to solve the biggest problem with Philips Hue smart bulbs

Philips Hue bulbs are one of the easiest ways to give your existing light fixtures smart home capabilities, including through Apple’s HomeKit platform. The problem with Philips Hue switches is that whenever a wall light switch is flipped off, the smart lights become unresponsive. The Lutron Aurora dimmer is a simple yet ingenious way to solve this problem.

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Hands-on: Clever OtterGrip Case for iPhone has a built-in grip and still works with MagSafe

OtterGrip iPhone MagSafe grip case review

In January, OtterBox announced its latest take on iPhone protection. Now the new OtterGrip Symmetry Case is available with 3x military-grade drop protection and a handy built-in grip that works with MagSafe. I’ve been testing it out for the last few weeks, here’s a hands-on look at OtterGrip for iPhone.

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Tested: Zens 4-in-1 iPad + MagSafe wireless charger

Zens 4-in-1

The Zens 4-in-1 iPad + MagSafe wireless charger is the latest in a line of combo chargers, and while there are many that charge an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods case, this one throws in iPad charging too.

For bedside use, I’m a big fan of all-in-one wireless chargers. For overnight charging, the convenience of wireless beats the speed of wired charging, and having everything in one place offers a couple of benefits …

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Tested: Chargeasap Zeus packs 270W of international power into a tiny charger

Chargeasap Zeus

I’ve noted before the way that gallium nitride (GaN) chargers are a game-changer in terms of how much power can be delivered from a compact power brick – and the Chargeasap Zeus takes this to a whole new level.

It’s a highly portable charging brick that delivers a massive total power output of 270W – with up to 140W from a single port – and its supplied ultra-compact international plug adapters make it a really convenient travel option …

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Tested: Brydge ProDock offers instant connectivity for desktop setups, at a price

Brydge ProDock review

The Brydge ProDock is effectively a modern take on a product Apple launched way back in the mists of time (well, 1992): The Macintosh Duo Dock. The idea is to be able to instantly switch between using a Mac laptop as a mobile and desktop device.

There have been a number of third-party takes on this idea. The Brydge ProDock is arguably the best of these – but also the most expensive …

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Review: Moft Float Folio for iPad Pro, Air, and mini packs four stands into a minimalist design

Moft Float Folio for iPad review

Moft recently launched its newest Apple accessory, a clever origami-style folio meets stand that offers handy versatility for iPad with a minimalist design. I’ve been testing out the Snap Float Folio for the last few weeks that features four ways to lift your iPad Pro, Air, or mini with secure magnets.

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Tidbyt is a retro-style display that’s perfect for those looking to use their iPhone a little less in 2023


One of the balances I am trying to strive for in 2023 is using technology more efficiently. I like to know what’s happening around the world in news, sports, and finance, but I want to look at an iPhone less. I want technology that works passively, and that’s one reason why I am excited to have Tidbyt on my desk for the new year.

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LG DualUp: Is this funky display perfect for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro?

LG’s DualUp monitor is … unique. With its almost square, slightly vertical aspect ratio, it definitely stands out. Yet, somehow, I really love this thing. It’s an HDR display with a 2560×2880 resolution that is basically two 1440p displays stacked on top of each other. Trying to watch a movie or play games may be a bit weird on this display, but it’s a king of productivity – especially for a device like the M2 MacBook Air that’s limited to just one external display.

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Hands-on: Overlook Weather is a beautiful and simple free app with delightful UI and widgets

Overlook Weather

A new weather app recently launched with a dynamic diorama UI that offers a simple and wonderful experience. Notably, Overlook Weather features fantastic Home and Lock Screen widgets, is free with no ads and no in-app purchases, and doesn’t collect any user data. Read on for a closer look at this sharp weather app.

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Review: Courant MAG:2 offers a minimalist sculptural take on an iPhone and AirPods charger

Courant MAG:2 review

Luxury Apple accessory maker Courant recently launched its newest charger as the follow-up and bigger brother to MAG:1. MAG:2 features MagSafe compatibility with a minimalist sculptural metal and leather or soft-touch plastic and cloth design. Here’s what I discovered after going hands-on with this unique dual-charger.

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Hands-on with the Courant premium leather or linen MagSafe-compatible iPhone charger

Courant MAG:1 leather MagSafe charger review

Courant recently launched its idea of what a MagSafe-compatible charger should look like with the MAG:1 Classics and Essentials. Featuring premium Italian leather or designer Belgium linen, the company is elevating magnetic chargers for iPhone. Here are our thoughts after going hands-on with the MAG:1 leather MagSafe-compatible charger.

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Review: Insta360 Link 4K webcam takes auto-tracking and desk view beyond Apple’s Continuity Camera

Insta360 Link 4K webcam review

Insta360 has been on a roll with product launches over the last year. That has included the X3 candy-bar style camera, the ONE RS, and ONE RS Twin Edition modular action cam. Recently the company made the move into webcams with the 4K, AI-powered Insta360 Link. After testing it out, here are my thoughts on this slick 3-axis gimbal 4K webcam including how it compares to Apple’s Continuity Camera.

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ESR HaloLock dock keeps your iPhone cool with CryoBoost and includes built-in AirPods charging

ESR HaloLock

MagSafe charging has quickly become one of my favorite features added to the iPhone in the past few years. I’ve used countless chargers, docks, and car mounts since MagSafe was added to the iPhone 12 lineup. One of my recent additions to my desk was the ESR HaloLock 2-in-1 charger with CryoBoost. It’s a great option for charging your iPhone via MagSafe while keeping it cool. It also includes a great AirPods charger as well.

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Review: Here’s why the Moft Flash has become my favorite MagSafe wallet for iPhone

Best iPhone MagSafe wallet Moft Flash review

Moft recently launched its newest Apple accessory: the Flash dual-purpose MagSafe wallet for iPhone. Along with carrying two to three cards, the clever design means you’ve also always got a handy stand for both portrait and landscape use. After spending the last month with it, here’s why the Flash has become my favorite wallet.

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