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Siri does more than ever. Even before you ask.

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Siri is Apple’s personal assistant technology that debuted in 2011 with the iPhone 4S. Apple purchased Siri in 2010. At the time, it was a dedicated app on the iPhone. When it became built into the iPhone, it could do basic things like play music and make phone calls.

Now, it can do things like integrate with third-party messaging apps. payments, ride-sharing service, calling app, set timers, get directions, add reminders, start TV shows on the Apple TV, make language translations, search for photos, open documents, interact with your smart home though HomeKit, and a lot more.

In iOS 12, it became integrated into more third-party apps through Shortcuts. Companies can build their own interactions for the service to work with.

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AI is changing how people interact with technology, and Apple is lagging behind with Siri

AI is changing how people interact with technology, and Apple is lagging behind with Siri

Artificial intelligence has been with us for years, even in the little things like identifying the faces in a picture to the recommendations we see in our favorite apps. But more recently, we’ve seen new types of AI capable of doing things unimaginable years ago. This new type of AI is changing how people interact with technology. But at the same time, Apple is clearly falling behind its competitors.

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Feature Request: Please send help for HomePod’s ‘I’m not sure who is speaking’ bug

HomePod Siri Personal Requests please fix Apple

One of the handy capabilities of Siri on HomePod that’s been available since 2018 is Personal Requests. It allows users to make voice commands that deal with what can be more private information from their specific iPhone and iPad. However, as it turns out, Personal Requests are still broken with Siri on HomePod often replying “I’m not sure who is speaking.”

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Exclusive: Apple testing new Siri natural language generating features starting with latest tvOS update


Apple is testing new natural language generation features for Siri, 9to5Mac has learned. Codenamed “Bobcat,” this new technology is being tested starting with the latest tvOS 16.4 beta and will eventually make its way to the rest of Apple’s operating systems. Still, Apple is currently focused on using this technology to improve Siri.

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Multiple HomePods responding to Siri requests, instead of one taking priority

Multiple HomePods responding | HomePod mini on a desk

A significant number of users are experiencing multiple HomePods responding to Siri commands simultaneously. This is something that is normally prevented by Apple devices communicating with each other.

Many of us have multiple Apple devices within earshot, any of which could potentially respond to a “Hey Siri” command. In my home office, for example, I have my Watch, my iPhone, the stereo-pair HomePods on my desk, and another HomePod in a nearby bathroom …

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Bing chatbot disasters: Why Apple isn’t jumping on the chatwagon

Bing chatbot disasters

If I’d asked the Bing chatbot to support our argument that Apple won’t be adopting ChatGPT type AI tech anytime soon, it really couldn’t have done a better job than some of its recent conversations.

Bing’s AI has threatened some users, insulted others, and told one that his wife didn’t really love him the way Bing does …

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iMessage to voice note: Apple patent to play messages in your voice

iMessage to voice note

A new Apple patent application describes a way to transform an iMessage to a voice note. In this way, the recipient can choose to have your message read to them not in Siri’s voice, but in yours.

To do this, you would each need to share a voice file containing the data the iPhone would need to mimic your voice when reading the message aloud …

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Chat AI tech will eventually make Siri smarter, but not anytime soon [Opinion]

Chat AI tech | Illustration of a robot guru

Chat AI tech is without a doubt the most exciting thing to have happened in the world of technology for quite some time – providing answers to questions, writing essays, generating working code, or even passing an MBA exam through a conversational UI.

Microsoft announced that a version of ChatGPT will power a conversational search feature within its Bing search engine. Google has been quick to announce that it, too, will use its own AI chatbot, Bard, for searches. Does all this mean that Apple too will climb aboard this next-generation chat AI tech to finally make Siri smarter … ?

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Apple wants to change the ‘Hey Siri’ trigger command to just ‘Siri’

hey siri phrase

Apple is working on a big change to how its Siri voice assistant works. While you currently have to say “Hey Siri” to activate the assistant hands-free, that may not be the case for much longer. Bloomberg reports today that Apple engineers are working to drop the “Hey” part of the phrase, so you’d only have to say “Siri” followed by a command to activate the assistant…

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Here’s a look at the new Siri interface on Apple TV coming with tvOS 16.1

Here's a look at the new Siri interface on Apple TV coming with tvOS 16.1

Following the announcement of new iPad models this week, Apple also introduced a new generation of Apple TV 4K with the A15 Bionic chip and HDR10+ support. In addition, the company also revealed a new Siri interface coming with tvOS 16.1 for all supported Apple TV models. Read on as we show you what the new interface looks like.

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Dictating on the iPhone – how to get the best results

Dictating on the iPhone | iPhone with Siri active

Dictating on the iPhone is, I would confidently estimate, something I do more than typing. Siri is also the main way I control my HomeKit devices.

Any time I’ve mentioned either of these things, there are always comments from people saying how terrible their experience is with both, so I thought I’d share a few things I think make a difference.

If you’ve just updated to iOS 16, now is a particularly good time to give dictation another go, as you can now easily mix-and-match speaking and typing …

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Report: Amazon and third parties use Alexa voice data for ads while Siri respects privacy

A new study digging into how Amazon uses Alexa voice recordings from its customers has concluded that the company and third parties leverage the audio to deliver targeted ads directly on Echo smart speakers as well as the web. That’s in contrast to Apple not using Siri recordings for ads and sharing voice data being turned off by default on devices like HomePod and iPhone since 2019. However, Amazon contends the new research is based on “inaccurate inferences or speculation.”

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New to HomePod or just unsure what to do with it? Try these useful voice commands

I’ve owned a HomePod since the original $349 speaker arrived in Apple Stores four years ago. However, a lot has changed since 2018, including the demise of that smart speaker in favor of the more affordable HomePod mini.

No matter which HomePod you have, it’s easy to forget what all it can do since it’s primarily controlled by voice. You’re likely to learn something new by periodically checking what HomePod can do with voice control.

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