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App Store to require iOS 16 compatible apps built with Xcode 14 starting next month


Following the release of the first iOS 16.5 beta to developers, Apple on Tuesday announced new requirements for developers submitting their apps to the App Store. Starting next month, Apple will require that every app must be built with Xcode 14.1 or later to ensure compatibility with iOS 16, iPadOS 16, watchOS 9, tvOS 16, and macOS Ventura.

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App Store Connect now lets developers use peer group benchmarks for metrics

App Store Connect

Apple on Wednesday announced a developer-focused update. More specifically, App Analytics – a tool that’s part of App Store Connect – will now let developers use peer group benchmarks for metrics about their apps. As a result, developers will be able to compare the performance of their apps with other similar apps available on the App Store.

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‘Ask Apple’ launches as the company’s newest support series for developers

Ask Apple for developers

A new resource featuring interactive Q&A’s and one-on-ones for developers has launched today called “Ask Apple.” Coming as an extension to its Tech Talks and Meet with App Store Experts, the company is aiming to “provide developers with even more opportunities to connect directly with Apple experts for insight, support, and feedback.”

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Apple's App Store rules strategy

Apple sets new deadline for in-app account deletion requirement

Apple last year announced a change in the App Store guidelines that would require all apps that support account creation to offer an in-app option for letting users delete their accounts. However, this requirement has been delayed twice. Now the company has set a new deadline for developers to update their apps according to the new guideline.

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WWDC 2022 guests will be the first to see the new Developer Center at Apple Park

Apple today confirmed that it will invite a small number of developers to attend WWDC 2022 in Apple Park for the first time since 2019. In-person events had been suspended due to the pandemic. In addition to meeting with Apple employees, guests will also have the opportunity to visit the new Developer Center at Apple Park.

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Apple enables external link support in ‘reader’ apps, updates App Store dating app policy to satisfy Dutch regulators

apple store developers

After first announcing the news last fall, Apple has started accepting requests from developers of reader apps to allow the use of external links for customers to sign up and manage their accounts outside the App Store. Meanwhile, Apple has also changed its policy on dating apps in the Netherlands after coming under fire by Dutch regulators.

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Mac developers complain about App Store bundles and the lack of paid upgrades

App Store

Although the Mac has its own App Store, it’s not exactly as popular as the iOS App Store since Mac users can install apps from third-party sources. And while some developers trust their apps to the App Store, Apple’s platform lets them down in some ways. This time, developers of the Kaleidoscope app wrote a letter complaining about App Store bundles and the lack of paid app upgrades.

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Apple to expand Xcode Cloud beta access ‘over the coming weeks’

Apple now lets developers subscribers for more compute hours on Xcode Cloud

Apple last year announced Xcode Cloud, which is a new platform that lets developers accelerate the development process by running automated tests and other tasks in the cloud. While the platform is still available as a private beta, Apple says access will be expanded to more developers soon, while the official launch is still expected later this year.

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New App Store Connect experience to be rolled out to all developers later this month

App Store Connect

Apple last year introduced a new App Store Connect experience with some useful changes for developers, including the option to submit in-app events and edit items without having to create a new version of the app. While this update was optional, Apple is now informing developers that it will be rolled out to everyone later this month.

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