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Microsoft announces Security Copilot, leveraging GPT-4 for ‘the new era of security’

Microsoft Security Copilot GPT-4

Microsoft has announced the latest way it’s integrating OpenAI’s GPT-4 into its services and software. With a fresh app called Security Copilot, Microsoft believes leveraging GPT-4’s AI will usher in “the new era of security” by helping infosec professionals save time, simplify the complex, catch what others miss, and address the talent gap.

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‘Reimagined’ Microsoft Teams launches with Windows preview, Mac version on the way

Microsoft Teams 2 preview, Mac on the way

Microsoft launched early access to its major update for its Slack competitor today. Microsoft Teams 2 has been “reimagined” based on user feedback with speed and simplicity as two of the update’s priorities. The all-new experience is available in preview for Windows with the company saying an early version for Mac is coming too.

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Microsoft Edge and Bing team up with DALL·E to deliver text-based image creation

microsoft super app iphone

Microsoft has taken the next step in its plan to evolve its Bing search engine and Edge browser with the latest artificial intelligence has to offer. After integrating OpenAI’s ChatGPT last month, “Bing Image Creator” has arrived on iOS/Android and desktop powered by an “advanced version” of OpenAI’s DALL·E to create an image with just words.

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Microsoft planning to offer its own Xbox app store on iPhone as soon as next year

Microsoft is already hard at work preparing for a world in which Apple is forced to allow third-party app stores on iPhone. In an interview with the Financial Times, Microsoft Gaming head Phil Spencer said that the company wants to be “in a position to offer Xbox and content from both us and our third-party partners across any screen where somebody would want to play.”

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Microsoft starts rolling out ChatGPT integration for select users on desktop, iOS launching ‘soon’

Microsoft Bing

After announcing its new Edge browser and updated Bing search engine that integrates a ChatGPT experience via OpenAI last week, Microsoft opened up a waitlist for the feature. Now the first users are getting access to the capability. However, it’s only on desktop for now with Microsoft saying iOS and Android support is not “ready yet.”

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Microsoft is finally working on a version of Skype for Apple Silicon Macs


Apple announced the transition from Intel-based Macs to its own Apple Silicon chips almost three years ago, but there are still some apps that haven’t been updated to take full advantage of the M1 and M2 chips. Luckily, another app will soon join the updated list, as Microsoft is finally working on a version of Skype for Apple Silicon Macs.

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Microsoft mulls ‘super app’ for iPhone as it fails to outbid Google for default search deal

microsoft super app iphone

Microsoft wants to ramp up its mobile efforts with a new “super app” for iPhone that would combine a number of different features into a single app. According to The Information, Microsoft’s hope is that such an app would help it break further into mobile search, which is currently dominated by Apple and Google.

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Google and Microsoft take 20x more damage than Apple as big tech sees $3 trillion in losses

Big tech loses $3T

It’s been a challenging year on a number of levels and major tech hasn’t been immune. Over the last twelve months, more than $3 trillion in value has been shed by the top seven US tech companies. While all have lost billions, Google’s Alphabet and Microsoft have taken the most damage with 20x the losses that Apple has seen.

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Microsoft Defender iPhone Mac

Microsoft brings Defender security dashboard for 365 subscribers to iPhone and Mac

Microsoft is working to make your and your family’s online experience safer. Today the company is launching its new Defender security dashboard for 365 subscribers. Users on iPhone, Mac, Windows, and Android devices have access to the Microsoft Defender security app that utilizes existing antivirus software or other protections.

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A world without passwords could further lock users into Apple and Google ecosystems

A world without passwords | iHone 13 against out of focus coloured background

The prospect of a world without passwords can’t come soon enough for me, but a problem has been raised with the FIDO standard designed to eliminate the need for them. Namely, that abandoning passwords could make it harder to switch between ecosystems.

If you have your passkeys setup for Apple devices, there is nothing in the standard allowing you to transfer them to an Android device, or vice versa …

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Microsoft union | Black keyboard close-up showing Windows logo

Microsoft union response in stark contrast to Apple, as company offers ‘absolute support’

The acquisition of Activision Blizzard could have led to a Microsoft union battle, as some employees recently voted to unionize. However, the a senior exec has stated that the company ‘absolutely supports’ the union.

The apparent attitude of Microsoft toward unions stands in stark contrast to that of Apple

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